Season Hunt challenge - My Snowy Buildings

Hello, my friends.

For some reason, I have not participated in seasonal hunts for a long time. It's time to start again.

Especially since @barbara-orenya announced this week's theme "SNOWY BUILDINGS". There is a lot of snow in our region. I'll try to look for houses with snow as well. Joke.

Last Sunday I took a walk in the morning. It wasn't very light yet. I had to buy groceries at the store, but it was still closed. So I wandered the streets of the village and took photos of the house. I had to kill time.

I have been living in this village, which is now part of the city-district center, since September 1991. In December of the same year, the USSR died. Since then, this church has been in the process of restoration. At first, a businessman helped to restore it, then he left these places and there was not enough money for restoration. But there is a priest in the church and the service is for parishioners.

I went uphill from the church. The road here is not paved, unkempt, so very few cars drive on it. There are quite old houses in this part of the village. Therefore, all of them are not very large.


Sometimes I think that it was necessary to build such a small house. Then its maintenance would be much cheaper. But there would be a big problem with the living space inside the house. Even in my two-story house, I sometimes think that there is not enough space.




Often people buy an old house and begin to improve it. They make additional add-ons, increase the living space. In 2007, I also bought a plot with an old house. The house was dismantled and a new house was built. So this house was bought by young people 10 years ago and they began to improve it.


But due to the fact that the house is not high and is located on a mountain, it turns out that you can see the roof of this house if you climb a little up the mountain. And it is very heavily covered with snow.

Some houses eventually became lower than the road, because initially, no one thought that the roads would be repaired and rise in level.



Someone tried to put their house in such a way that it would not be snowed in. These people were thinking about their future.

I made my house into 2 floors in order to occupy less land and have enough space to live inside. But I have friends who decided that it would be more convenient for them to have a one-story house, but occupying 2 times more land.
I have a beautiful view of the river and the forest from my second floor. However, some people say that I have a three-story house.
Rabbits live in this house.

In 2008, we just had a small shed to store the tool. We were all young and cheerful. It was a great time.



And this is how the neighborhood children remove snow from the roof so that it does not crush the roof. I used to clean the snow from my parents' house like that. Now the snow is moving off the roof of my house on its own.

And this is a village that is one and a half kilometers from my house. A lot of people walk past my house on the road through the forest to this village. Many people walk with Scandinavian sticks. People began to think about their health. It's good.
And I'm finishing my show of snow houses.


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