This post was created for Photochain Challenge: 88th Edition Start - 87th Edition's Winners by @davidesimoncini

I decided that I would take part in the next fun round of the "Chain of Photos" contest!
The key THEMES this week are "RAILROAD" and "STAIRS".

Well. I got on the car and drove to the place where both should be. And I was not mistaken. I saw the stairs. And the railroad is always in place. Look friends at the railway. Can you see how straight and even it is? I would like to put a high-speed train here. I would look at the result of his ride. He would probably have taken to the sky.

Is it hard to see the stairs? Well, then I'll turn around the other way and take a picture of another staircase.

What? Can't see the stairs again? Well, then I pulled her closer to me. People are working, loading boards into railway cars.
I hope that now, friends, you could see everything.

And what word should I suggest for the challenge?
A Crane?

I made my choice. If I am the winner, then my word for the next round -


I add my beloved @archon community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.

I add my beloved @ru-trail community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.


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Good luck and have fun

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