Photochain Challenge: 139th Edition Start - STREETLIGHT & SIGN (15pics)

Hello, my friends.

@davidesimoncini announced in his Photochain Challenge announced the theme of the week STREETLIGHT and SIGN. It's already week #139.

At the last stage, I suggested the word SIGN and it participates in the current stage. The second word was STREETLIGHT. Now I need to show my photos with the resulting words. So I need to find them. Last evening I went outside to look for the images I needed. And while I was looking for them, it started raining. I walked through the streets of the city for about forty minutes and at the end of my walk the rain became very heavy.

Half of autumn has already passed. It rains almost every day with small breaks. After 2 weeks, the forecast shows negative temperatures even during the day and then the rain will turn into snow. Is it better or not? Our streets will change a lot and there will be additional winter problems for motorists - where to put the car at night?

The streets of the city are full of road signs and street lights. And rain. It's raining and it's not ending.

But I walked not only along the street, my route passed through the central square and a small park adjacent to it.
This is the most illuminated place in our city - the central square, because the regional administration building is located on it.

Sometimes it seems to me that the limit of electricity consumption for lighting the city is all used in front of this building. Literally, if you turn off this square and walk 200-300 meters, you get into dark streets with sidewalks with broken pavement. Sometimes it's just dangerous to walk in this darkness, you can break your legs.

The smartphone makes the photos a little lighter than they actually are.

That's why I try to walk along the illuminated central big streets.

You see, friends, what a big rain has started to fall! That's why I have to go home.

In case of my victory, I want to name the keyword - UMBRELLA.

I hope that I managed to successfully fit into the challenge this week. I wish you all good luck.

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Good luck and have fun

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