Photochain Challenge: 112th Edition Start - EYE and PAINTING

Hello, my friends.

@davidesimoncini announced in his Photochain Challenge announced the theme of the week EYE and PAINTING. It's already week #112.

When my daughter was a little younger than she is now, she loved to draw and even went to a local art school. They still sometimes draw a little, but only at very necessary moments.
But we still have her paintings. Some of them are framed and take their place on the wall.

My wife and all the children once went to relax at the sea. It was a trip to the Crimea. When they arrived home, the daughter decided to paint a portrait of "Mom at sea in a hat." We asked her - why is her hair blonde? She replied - that's how I saw my mother with such hair.

There is also a typeset work hanging nearby. Painstaking work. My daughter was 4 years old and she tried very hard to make this cat beautiful.

In case of my victory, I want to name the key word - HAT.

I hope that I managed to successfully fit into the challenge this week. I wish you all good luck.

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