Mount Tibidabo (6 pics)

Hello, my friends.

@davidesimoncini announced in his Photochain Challenge announced the theme of the week WOOD and MOUNTAIN. It's already week #134.

Barcelona 2018, Christmas Eve. I came with a group of friends to take a walk on Mount Tibidabo. I mean, it's a great place. On this mountain there is an amusement park and the Temple of the Sacred Heart. And from this mountain there is a beautiful view of Barcelona! This mountain is considered the highest point of the city.

It was a wonderful Christmas, there was wonderful weather, there was a great company, we enjoyed life and made plans for new trips to Italy and once again to Barcelona. But it doesn't always happen in life as we plan. But that's another story.

I really liked this place and I think I will be able to visit this mountain again someday. You need to believe in the good and bright.

In case of my victory, I want to name the key word - ROOF.

I hope that I managed to successfully fit into the challenge this week. I wish you all good luck.

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