Entrance to the bay of Valaam Island

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@davidesimoncini announced in his Photochain Challenge announced the theme of the week ROCK and STRIPES. It's already week #106.

This is the entrance to the bay of Valaam Island. This island is located on Lake Ladoga. This is a very famous place in terms of tourism. In fact, this is a monastery island. Someone goes here to pray, and someone just goes to see an interesting place.
We can say that these are not just islands, they are an archipelago, a system of islands.
The island has a stone structure. This is some kind of special soft rock, on which trees and various plants grow beautifully. You can even see it in the photo. Here are the stripes!


On this stone wall, the zero water level and water reduction levels are indicated.
What does the specified date 1868 mean? I don't know. There is also some kind of inscription in the Old Slavonic language. I don't know what it means either.

In general, guys, today is a very sad day. Today, the President of my country, Vladimir Putin, attacked the neighboring state of Ukraine. It happened at 5 o'clock in the morning. What is my attitude? I think this man has just gone crazy. And it didn't happen today. He is a real threat to the whole world. He believes that he is Russia. And he also said that this World is not needed without Russia! And if he starts dying, will he not give the order to launch atomic missiles?
It's scary! And he does not hide the fact that he can launch nuclear weapons in the event of a threat.

I hope that I managed to successfully fit into the challenge this week. If I win, I choose the keyword WATER. I wish you all good luck.

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