Phonography / Phone Photography Contest - 08

It doesn't start in a day, one has to deprived himself of so many luxuries to be able to build a house like this one today, especially in my country. It just takes perseverance and a lot of hard-work.

This house belongs to my uncle and it was built in two years but I never knew he would be able to get through to building it in such a short period of time.

That's the car park over there.

In these times, things are very expressive that one can't even make ends meet, so i will say that I'm very happy that my uncle completed this house without borrowing money from the bank 😀.

It's a five bedroom duplex, all the rooms are en-suite. With two sitting rooms, a laundry room and a kitchen with this wide space for a compound.

Indeed "The Hand Of God",made this one possible!

These pictures are mine and I'm submitting it for the phonography contest.

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