Season Hunt challenge, we are chasing HOT DRINKS ☕ - Office tea

Hello friends.

I'm not a wizard or a magician, I'm just learning to be one.

Well, friends, I decided to try again to take part in the #Seasonhunt contest by @barbara-orenya.
It's the winter season. The theme of this first week is HOT DRINKS.

I wrote today in the comments to @apnigrich's post that "I just made coffee at work. He was thinking about something and he ran away from Turki." It was morning. And then during the day I drank black tea. I prefer to brew leafy black tea, but in the absence of such, I have to drink tea from tea bags. Of course, it can sometimes be difficult to call it tea, but if a tea bag is stored in an airtight bag, then you can catch the taste of tea.

I want to admit that I rarely wash my tea mug. And I also don't like to use various chemical detergents for these purposes. Why? Don't ask. It's such a thing in my head.

Everything is literally simple. I take a tea bag, put it in a cup and pour boiling water over it. I sit and wait for the tea to brew. I prefer to drink tea with sweets. But at the moment I have run out of candy at my workplace. Tomorrow I'll buy something delicious for tea. And today tea was just tea without sweets.

A little lifehack - I always wrap the handle of the mug with a string for the package so that the string does not fall into the tea.
And I'm also wringing out a teabag. To do this, I put it on a teaspoon and wrap the string. And the water flows out of the bag into the mug.

Feel Good community by @barbara-orenya

I give 5% of the reward to @archon, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?
I give 5% of the reward to @hive-166168, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?

I wish everyone happiness for life and good luck for every day.

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