Season Hunt challenge - Haze over the river

Hello friends.

I'm not a wizard or a magician, I'm just learning to be one.

Well, friends, I decided to try again to take part in the #Seasonhunt contest by @barbara-orenya.
It's winter season now. The theme of this last week of the season is MISTY / FOGGY.
Barbara-orenya decided to take a sabbatical, a short break. I understand her perfectly. I love my job very much, but I myself have such moments that I need to rest, change my occupation, gather my thoughts.

On Monday, i.e. 4 days ago, I was driving to work and passing over the bridge over the Vyatka River, I looked at the river and realized that I wanted to stop and look at this landscape through the camera lens and leave what I see in my photo album.
I will not say that there was fog over the river. It was some kind of indefinite haze, it is likely that increased humidity was formed in the air, because on the eve there were temperature changes upward. Warming began to pull from the south side.


Recently, a good friend of mine bought a wide-angle lens and gave it to me for the weekend to try in action. This photo shoot was just conducted with this photo lens. I must say that I liked this lens. And we decided that we can use it together. Well, I hope so. But I plan to purchase a similar lens.

Forward, towards the dawn. Ugh. The sun did not appear that day.

Feel Good community by @barbara-orenya

I give 5% of the reward to @archon, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?
I give 5% of the reward to @hive-166168, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?

I wish everyone happiness for life and good luck for every day.

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