What's Your Definition of Good And Bad?

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I don't know why the thought of this suddenly gripped me again today. Perhaps the reason is that it's Sunday and for believers or Christians, today is declared The Lord's Day or Sabbath Day
On this day, Christians all over the world assemble to pray, worship, praise God and they also teach the word of God.

For reasons I know not, the thought of an incident that happened a few weeks ago in school flashed through my mind and I was thinking, why not share or talk about it?
Okay, a few weeks ago, we have a class for the course commonly called GST Philosophy and Human Existence
I have been hearing a lot of stories about this course and sometimes I feel most of those stories are false or just rumors but I guess I was wrong though not entirely.

We rushed in that early morning for the class slated for 8 am, we all got settled and the lectures started.
A woman took us on the course and the class was moving smoothly until she started throwing in questions and all.
In a quest to answer, most students started using and trying to defend their religions but the woman stopped them and told them that in philosophy class, we aren't supposed to mention or answer questions based on our various religions and quoting the Bible or Scriptures and even Quran if there was any among us.

For me, the lady was just doing her work, she is a philosopher for crying out loud and we should always expect these things from them but that doesn't in any way means that those things they say or do should temper with our beliefs or what and who we believe in.
She is a Christian according to her, and she didn't in any way deny her faith nor sabotage her profession. She did her best to balance the two.
She only asked a simple question and some students tend to carry it on their head 😂(sorry to say, some students though)

And the question was;

Do you do good because it's the right thing to do or its because the Bible says so

I don't even want to go into the responses we had that day from the students. I am just concerned about what had been going through my mind since when she asked that question.
And this is me thinking philosophically.

What makes us think or feel that the things we consider to be good are actually good and the ones labeled as bad are bad as we say?

Apart from the ones scriptures have recorded and warned us against which are bad, such as stealing, lying, killing and all.
The thought kept running through my mind and if not that the class was already rounding up, I would have questioned the lady philosopher.

Like who exactly made the degree or label most of the things we consider to be bad as bad?
Who said that blinking of the eyes at elders is an insult?
How did it come about?
What about that sound we make with our mouth? Why is that bad too?
I haven't seen anywhere in the scriptures that those things are termed bad so where did we get the idea from?
It is also said that a child or baby who knows right and wrong shouldn't bite his or her mother's breast while sucking and if that accidentally happens, it is termed as a bad thing or a bad act, like really?

What Is Your Definition Of Good And Bad?

Most times, our conscience judges us according to the things we do. Thank God for our conscience but if we take out our conscience that makes us feel guilty of a particular crime, how would you tell that good from the bad? For believers, this may probably sound very easy because of the help of the Holy Spirit right?

But after creation, God outlined a few wrong deeds and things that are considered as sin which we as believers should stay away from. And after repentance and salvation of the soul, the Holy Spirit became man's greatest gift, to teach man, to rebuke, to encourage, and to correct whenever man goes wrong.

And if we take out these three things;

  • The Holy Bible
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Our Conscience

How would you tell what is right from wrong?
How will you know that this thing is good and the other is bad?
What will your definition of good and bad be?
Perhaps most of the things we consider as bad today were pioneered by people and we adopted it without even questioning if this thing is actually bad or good or if it should be considered as whatever the pioneer declared it to be.

But as believers, in all our dealings, we shouldn't neglect the Holy Spirit given to us on the day of redemption.
We shouldn't follow the crowd and multitude.
Because this person, professor, doctor, teacher or whosoever it is said this thing is either good or bad doesn't necessarily mean it is what they have said or declared.
Give your own definition of things and situations with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Stay True!
Happy Lord's Day!

Still your baby girl ;)


To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

              22 August 2021


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