The Spirit Of Fear

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I have seen it work for me every time. Yeah though sorrow may endure for the night but certainly Joy comes in the morning.
The night has an effect of its own and it's left for people to understand and be able to assimilate this and also take charge of their emotions and fears.
A lot of things happen at night and it only takes a fearful person to shiver and easily get frightened.

The Spirit Of Fear

For he has not given us the spirit of fear but of love and of power and of a sound mind
Yet how many times do we wake up scared at the sound of anything unusual?
We are unconsciously scared when something unusual or bad happens and at that moment, we seem to forget our place in God and the power we will.

I woke up one morning, screaming at the top of my voice when we had a fire outbreak at home. I also remember an incident that happened some months ago that got me scared and even kneeling to pray was as if it wasn't enough because of how nervous I was till my whole system was shaking.
At that point, did I remember the word of God I quoted above? No! It was far from it.
I didn't remember, I was already shaking and shivering.
I unconsciously succumb to fear and it came at night.
I couldn't sleep well and even when I tried, my mind was still unstable and very disturbed. I played music to see if it will put me to sleep but it wasn't working.
But somehow, I was able to shut my eyes for an hour or two, thanks to God until morning arrived.

The truth is, there is this creeping spirit that night has over creatures.
There are things that normally during the day wouldn't get us so frightened, yet if the same thing is shifted to the night ot happens at night can scare the life out of us.
In our subconscious, the night is creepy and the level of fear is higher at night than in the daytime.
But whatever be the case, I am here to remind us that God did not give us the spirit of fear. He gave to us the spirit of love, power, and a sound mind.
If by any circumstances, we encounter something that scares the life out of us, we should always remember these words and remember our place in God.

Happy Lord's Day Beloved!

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             12 September 2021


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