Sacrifice ~ A Glimpse Of Friday


About yesterday I talked about kindness and selfless kindness
Today is another phase of what I started yesterday.
I was happy to share my little experience with you guys yesterday and today I also received the same major of kindness from someone.
I mean this is something I watched happened to someone else and today was my turn to receive a major of that kindness 😊
Do you wanna know or hear about it? Sure! Why not? Just stay put and I will be glad to drill you lol ;)

I don't know if I have mentioned this in any of my articles before but I rarely have the time to do most of my online activities like before because of offline tight schedules and one of those is my academic activities. I leave my home as early as 6:45 AM or most times 7 AM and I return mostly around 7 PM or 7:35 PM depending on the nature of the road for that day.
And leaving the house, I board public transport to a particular bus stop where all the students meet to board another bus that will take us directly to the school and fro.


For students that have classes till 6 PM, it's mostly difficult to find the students buses that will convey us back to the bus stop where we were all earlier picked in the morning. And finding any public transport to take us there meant trekking some kilometers and it's always very tiring I must say especially after such a long day.
So in such situations, students usually count themselves fortunate if after the ended 6 pm class, they still find the students buses.
Today I was among those students that usually thank their stars for finding the student bus after lectures.
Little did I know that other students had already filled up the bus and it was remaining only one seat which wasn't a comfortable one, not even close to what can be managed.
I could literally fall off the bus if I tried sitting there.
I rushed to the bus only to find that one seat left and I was sad at the same time because there were no other student buses and the seat I found wasn't anything to write home about.


No matter how tiring and stressful it would have been to trek and find public transport, I couldn't have taken such a risk of sitting in that uncomfortable position in the students bus at the expense of my safety.
I was about to leave and perhaps start trekking or find another bus when a young guy decided to switch seats with me.
He actually sacrificed his comfortable seat just so I could sit well. He was willing to pay the price for it.
Happily, I jumped onto the bus and he sat beside me. I did all I could to make enough room for him so he could at least fit in better than I could have lol.
He did manage the little space I created for him and boom! The driver zoomed off.

While on the way, he made a statement that got me when we started communicating.
He said that he wouldn't have made such a sacrifice for any other person especially a girl but he doesn't know why he sacrificed for me and guess what? I told him I was different and that my grace was different from others lol.
He smiled and even compared me to Esther in the Bible (if we are conversant with the scriptures)
And then I was like yeah, I might not be named Esther* but I guess I carry a similar level of grace and favor lol.
The journey went well and we just kept talking until we reached our destination.
And this brings me to this conclusion;
There isn't any kindness without sacrifice


Both works together and if one is crossed out then the other isn't really what it is. Both kindness and sacrifice are dependent on each other.
Your kindness toward people will cost you something and if you are truly kind and willing to help then you ought to make sacrifices.
One cannot work without the other.

I am not sure if I will ever meet the young guy again but I am grateful to him for that sacrifice he made just so I could be comfortable and then arrive at my destination a little earlier than I usually arrive. All thanks to him!

By the way, I thank God it's weekend. Happy Weekend Everyone.
Let's look forward to the next week already and what it has in store for us lol. Be sure to make the most out of this weekend, enjoy! And stay safe always.

Still your baby girl ;)

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

PS: Images are mine except stated otherwise

             27 August 2021


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