National Girlfriends Day ~ Which Are You?

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I still cannot believe that it's first already. I mean I couldn't believe that I kept to my July challenge and I thank God for all the blessings, grace, and favor for the month of July and I am praying for the same level of grace, favor, and blessings for the new month and even a much higher level Amen.

So today I just wanted to try that thing called freewrite and see as the flow will go and where my fingers will lead me but I suddenly remember today is National Girlfriends Day so I thought, instead of the freewrite, why not talk about girlfriends instead?

So buckle up guys, I am about to tell you about these people called girlfriends.
For some, they are the best thing that has ever happened to them and for some, they are their worst nightmares. Believe me or not, we have been in either of the two categories. It's either your girlfriend is one of the best things to happen to you or the opposite of that.
But whatever be the case, it wouldn't stop them from being who they are or were meant to be.

So let's see where your girlfriends fall into in all the categories I will mention today, shall we?

The Studious One

If you have never had such a girlfriend before then it means that you and books aren't just meant to be😂 or maybe you just aren't attracted to success lol. Just kidding though, but all the same, I have had a handful of such friends back then in high school. Trust me, such friends help boost your study life. And it's always good to make friends with those who are serious with their studies and not those lazy ones.

The Motivators/Encouragers

These one will stop at nothing to help keep your head high.
They have their own problems, they are faced with lots of life challenges but they don't miss a chance to motivate you and also encourage you when the need arises.
They are likely found among your believers or Christian friends.
These friends are very rare and when you find them, keep them.

The Gossipers

The informant, another name I can give to them. They say both what they have heard and seen and even those they haven't. They just can't stay without talking or gossiping.
As far as I am concerned, 80% of girls fall into this category and that's because girls just love gossips and chit-chats.

The Betrayers

They were once friends but along the line, some things went bad and we tag them betrayers. These kinds can kill. They don't mind hurting you and giving no damn about it.
And most of them are found in close friends and people we call best friends and this always surprises me. I mean how does one betray someone they call a best friend? How do they even do it? Can someone enlighten me?

The Crazy/Naughty Ones

These are a whole package of craziness and naughtiness. A bundle of fun at a different level, they are mostly not the serious kind of person and if you aren't aware of it you may be forced to take them seriously lol.
They don't easily get angry and it's difficult to know when they are being serious and when they are angry, sorry for you.

The Snubs/Proud

When you see them, you know them. Although the world is making it look like every girl is a snub. They feel that when a girl has her standard that she is being proud. Cut the shit people, not every girl will lower their standard just so that the world won't see them as being proud or having attitude 🙄

The Fashionistas

Every girl should be a fashionista but some girls just have it embedded in them. It's as if they were born with it.
I mean dressing well and looking good is the real deal for them and they do everything to maintain that status quo.
They just have to look good no matter what and nothing can stop them from doing that 😃
Meanwhile, you don't have to be a billionaire to look presentable anyway.
If you are a girl, please do well to look good, e get why🙂

The Fake/Pretenders

Oh well, I am not new to this, I had a handful of them. Fake or pretenders girlfriends are those whose major aim is to get close to you, take what they need from you at that material time, and then off they go their way.
Those ones act like predators, they are there only to take or collect from you.
They are those who will likely fake everything just so that they can accomplish their mission with their wrong motives.

The Bag Chasers

If you don't have any girlfriend whose desire or dream is to become successful as a lady and as such they do everything to secure the bag, then I don't think your circle of girl-friendship is complete except you don't also desire success yourself.

These ones are always talking about one business or the other or anything they can do to bring money or make ends meet even while dealing with other life's issues.

The Party/Club Minded

I can't say much about these ones cause I have none in this category.
So for anyone here who does, what can you have to say about such girlfriends?
But looking from the sidelines, these one always seem to be all crazy about parties and all they think of or talk about is clubbing and all.

I could still go on listing and mentioning different categories but I also think I should stop here and give you guys a chance to also add a few.
Also, note that one person can take up two to three of all the listed categories depending on the personality.
For example, one girlfriend can be studious, crazy, and at the same time a motivator.
Another can be proud, fake, and a betrayer.
Now I hope you grab what I meant. So guys tell me more if you have any in mind.

And again, which among these ones I have mentioned are you if you are a girl or lady here? Don't come and lie here o😄🙄😂
Or I will expose you somehow lol.

It's just my way of wishing all the girls all over the world today "A Happy Girlfriends Day".
Don't worry you don't need to have a boyfriend before you get the wishes.
I am wishing you today with the whole of my heart.
Cheers To All The Girls!

Lest I forget, thank you to every single soul that has been supporting me for as long as I can remember. I will always remain grateful to you guys.

Still your baby girl ;)

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

1st August 2021



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