Just A Word Of Prayer


I wake up each morning unconsciously chanting her songs, dancing to the rhythms even without the music playing in the background.
I consciously play her songs every day while on my way to school sitting on a bus. Sometimes I even set her track on repeat just because I love the feeling that comes with listening to someone render heavenly pieces in lines of songs and gracefully enjoying rendering gratitude to God Almighty.

Mercy Chinwo has been a good example to so many young people out there.
Let's not go into what she can or cannot do, what we know or we do not know but let's say the truth that we have been blessed with her songs in one way or the other, mostly Nigerians who has listened to her songs either by chance or by intentions.
I knew nothing about the woman of God until her first song which paved the way for her and fetched her many fans.

Yes, the song Excess Love went viral and this is when we started hearing and seeing more of Mercy Chinwo.
And from that moment, she has been rendering and delivering heavenly and soul-lifting pieces.
Obinasom (meaning My heart is joyful) used to be my favorite among her list of songs but now I don't even know which I like best because her songs just fit into every situation and every track hits differently.


When I hear her sing, I know she is enjoying what she does. It's not always about how angelic your voice may sound or how sonorous it is.
Not even in how much you can pitch a song. When you are doing what you were called to do with passion, with love, and with the grace of God made sufficient unto every one, then be assured that you will break barriers, move mountains, and even thread the path that many with the angelic and sonorous voices haven't.
When you are doing the will of the father, and all grace is abounding, tell me what more can you ask for?.

Indeed Mercy is a role model to many and today marking another phase and beginning of her life, I pray that every chapter of life that will be opened this year shall be penned with goodness, and every good plan and thought God has for her shall be made manifest in her life.
I pray for speedy restoration of whatever she had been cheated of in the past and a quick manifestation of God's goodness in her life as she begins her new year and adds to her age.


Happy Birthday God's Representative!
Happy Birthday My number one Favourite Artiste!
Cheers to a new beginning and many more fruitful years!

If you aren't so busy guys, please just say a word of prayer for her on her special day and also wish her a belated birthday.

Still your baby girl ;)

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

PS: Images are gotten from her page

             5 September 2021


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