Fall In Love Again

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It's been a stressful week and I am not mincing words.
If someone told me I would starve my blog for such a long time, I wouldn't have believed or would have rebuked the thought but here I am starving my blog for days now but all I can say is that It is well
By the way, I strongly believe we are all in perfect shape and good health.

Here goes my topic of discussion for today.
Yesterday while returning from lectures and heading to another hall for another lecture, we noticed the sky started changing color and the weather slowly adjusted bringing that cold and sweet breeze that blows my mind away😂😅
And for someone who loves such weather, I couldn't help but keep my eyes fixed on the clouds, I appreciated the weather for suddenly changing from hot and blazing to a cold and breezy one.
And I just couldn't hide the joy and excitement, so I exclaimed.

Two of my coursemate said they hated rain or such weather that they rather prefer sun and heat than choose rain. But there goes one of them who also love cold weather and atmosphere like me😊
While we were giving our opinions and different view as to why we love and choose a particular season, weather, or atmosphere, I sighted our school field, one of which I love the most cause to me it looks quite lovely for a romantic sit-out or just a picnic.


So I told my friends, just take a look at that field and how it resonates with the weather and atmosphere.
And then I said to them, beholding such atmosphere takes my breath away and sweeps me off my feet😊
I also told them that if I could have such on my wedding day then I wouldn't mind, cause it would make me fall in love the second time.

So my friend asked two questions;

  • Do you mean that rain should fall on your wedding day?

Well, the answer was NO, I wasn't speaking of rain falling but rather that cold and lovely looking weather and atmosphere, showing the dark clouds yet holding back the water or rain.

And then she asked again;

  • So you mean you will fall in love with another person on your wedding day because of this weather?

Of course the answer was NO. Not falling in love with another person but falling for the same person the second time or over again😅 crazy right? And sound funny too.

Well, this led me to this discussion, the main purpose for today's article, and not really my rant about loving cold weather, since that one is already a fact.

Falling In Love The Second Time Or Again And Again

This may sound a little lame but the truth is, it can happen and it should, or don't you think so?
I mean the same way your heart raced very fast the moment or first time you met and fell for that guy or girl should happen over and over again, don't you think so?
Your love should be renewed daily.

You can fall in love with the person you love again and again. It shouldn't be a one-day occurrence. I mean, it shouldn't be that today you like this person and the next day, it feels that the reason for liking that person has faded away and you can't find another.
There is always something sweet and unique about a person that makes you drip for them, and you should normalize discovering those things in the person you claim to love.
Yes, always find a reason to fall for that person over and over again.

Learn to renew the love you had for someone if it is true and keep the flow going.
Fall in love the second time!

I apologize to everyone that I have missed their articles, I don't know if I could ever make up for it but I appreciate everyone that always stop by my post regardless. Thanks for your generosity and gesture.
I wish you all a great and blessed day.

Still your baby girl ;)


To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

             16 September 2021


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