Broken Pieces


Watch it, Flora!
I had nothing to do with the broken glasses. Maybe you should try asking John, why not said those words to him? You and I know very well that he is the only psycho among us.
Keep it down Benita! What if he hears you?
And so what Flora? Let him hear me. As it is, I am already tired of condoning his excesses. I don't know why mom chose to let a crazy person move in with us. Why do we have to tolerate the disturbing attitude of some kid she picked on the street? I keep having second thoughts about why his parents abandoned him or better still, threw him away.

It's okay Benita, just keep it down and clean this up okay?
I am not gonna do that Sis! Maybe you should, but for me? I am not cleaning up the mess Johnny made. It's gonna remain that way for mom to come back and meet it. We can't keep covering up for him.

(Door Opens)

Hi Flora! Hi Benita!
I am sorry for making the mess here. I am gonna clean it now.
You better do, I retorted and headed back to my room while Flora left to the kitchen to fix dinner.
She called out to me to come to give her a hand in the kitchen.
I whined at first cause I had to study for an upcoming examination, but I still had to help my sister so I rushed down to the kitchen after I finished up with what I was doing in my room.

Welcome, Mom!
Thank you, sweetie. Where are your siblings?
Mom Flora is upstairs and junior is already asleep.
Okay, and Johnny?
You asked of my siblings mom, not some stranger.
Will you shut it up, Benita? I have already told you time without number that Johnny is part of us now and you should start treating him like family and one of your siblings.
Anyway mom, I can't do that because he isn't my brother and I can't pretend that I love him when the truth is I don't.
To worsen the whole matter, he has anger and attitude problems mom. He only pretends when you are around.
Even today he broke........

Hello mom, welcome home, Flora cut in.
She ran downstairs to hug mom and kiss her on the forehead.
How are you doing my darling daughter?
I am doing great mom and everyone at home is fine.
That's my baby girl. I hope dinner is ready? Sure mom, trust your daughter.
Flora gave mom a wink and dragged her to go take her bath.
She pinched my cheeks when she walked past and shut me up too.

Benita! Benita! Benita!
Yes, sis!
Come right this moment.
Okay sis, coming!
Benita, what exactly is your problem? Why can't you just leave that poor boy alone and mind your business? Why do you keep making his life more miserable than it is already?
Tell me would you have been happy or normal if you were in his shoes? Do you know what it feels like to be abandoned by the same people that brought you to this world? Leaving you to roam the streets? You don't right? So why are you so hard on Johnny? For once can't you act like a human and see Johnny as one too? He has gone through a lot and all he needs at this moment is love and care. He may not act like it but he has been starved of the true love of a family. He doesn't know what it feels like to be loved by the people you call your own.

Can't you at least act like you care? Can't you give him that space?
Mom is trying his best to do that. I and junior are doing our best too but Benita you are making life more unbearable for him even under the roof and covering of what he thinks family should look like or be like.
Be human for once Benita. Give it a try, just let johnny be and try to accept him as family now, he really needs it. He yearns for our love and support please let's give him that.

The words Flora said to be resonated but I was still reluctant and adamant about accepting Johnny as part of us. I left my sister heading back to my room only to find Johnny by the doorsteps soaked in tears with a piece of paper in his hands. He ran away when he saw me coming, little did he know that I saw him.
I wondered why he came to my doorsteps only for him to run away when I arrived.
I wanted to find out what he had in his hands and what was written on that piece of paper.

I knocked on Johnny's door hours later.
He didn't open until after three to four knocks.
He ushered me in and just like I imagined it, his room was a mess. He had littered papers everywhere and his bed was untidy.
Sorry for the nature of my room, he said.
It's okay, I wasn't expecting anything better, I said. (Ooops, or maybe that came out wrongly)

So Johnny, what brought you to my doorstep earlier?
I saw you leaving when I was approaching.
Oh, nothing Benita! I guess I just missed my way and went to your doorstep. I am so sorry about that.
That's a lie Johnny! You had something in your hands too. What was that? Could it be that you wanted to give me something?
No, no, no Benita, what could I possibly give to someone like you that has almost everything?
And what do you mean by that John?
The love of a family, wonderful siblings, a good house and home, good meals on your table every day, access to knowledge through one of the best schools in town should I continue with the list, Benita? Or do you get my point now?

Anyway, that was just by the way, I had nothing to give to you. I just missed my way around. I am sorry for stumbling at your doorstep, it wouldn't happen again.
It's alright then John, I guess I will take my leave now and let you do something about your room.
Take care John! See you around!

To be continued...!

Still your baby girl ;)

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             2nd September 2021


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