Be Conscious Of Your System


On a normal day, I don't care what someone sitting next to me in public transport does. I try as much as possible to mind my business and if I have my earpiece on then it solves the problem of poking my nose into other people's businesses.
But this time I didn't have my earpieces on, the reason being that I was rushing to try and meet up with a practical class I had.
Yes, I forgot my laboratory coat at home so I had to rush back home to grab it before the next lecture began which was the practical class.
But to save me a little bit of stress, I called my mom to ask one of my siblings to get it for me while I transport myself to the location and get it, this helped reduce not just the stress of me having to go home directly to get it but it also shortened some expenses.

So rushing into the public transport to head back to school, a young lady rushed into the same taxi a few minutes after I did.
Not too long I noticed the sigh she was letting out and the sadness written all over her face.
I began to wonder what went wrong or why she was doing that or what was her sadness all about.
And yes, this was me poke nosing though it wasn't entirely my fault, I mean I was sitting close to her.
The next moment I saw her sighing again and turning her face in a particular direction, I had to follow the movement of her neck and eyes to see where they led to.
And behold it landed on her butt. I noticed her dragging her shirt from behind as if trying to check and confirm something. When she did that, I noticed the bloodstain on her top.
And again she let out a long sigh after seeing her calamity.

As a lady, I know how uncomfortable and unorganized she felt the moment she realized she was badly stained. I mean for her to get the blood stained on her shirt meant she was roughly soaked and the funny thing is that she was on a jean trouser yet it wasn't helping the situation.
When the young lady got to her destination, she asked the driver to stop while she alighted.
But before she left the public taxi, she had already stained the seat of the taxi and she also had her blood on a guy that was sitting by the door side who refused to step down first and make way for her to get down from the taxi.

When she turned around with her butt facing us, she was terribly soaked as I mentioned earlier and the signs were imprinted on her trousers. It wasn't her fault I guess but who knows if she was careless about her cycle calculation that it failed her today?
And this made me question myself, could it be the flow started when she already left her house or while she was still at home? Did it start while she was inside the taxi? Did it start on the road before she boarded the taxi?
So many thoughts came running through my mind when I witnessed that incident today.

I can't remember the last time I was disgraced by my cycle. Though I don't know the exact calculations of my monthly cycles, but I do always know the period it will likely come, so I mostly go well prepared in case anything happens.

Dear ladies, let's try as much as we can to know our cycles and how our body system works. If we make proper arrangements each month and we know when our last flow came or stopped and when the next one is to come, then we probably would escape being taken unaware by either an untimely flow or an unexpected flow.
Let's take care of ourselves as ladies and remember to act like one too.

Still your baby girl ;)


To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

              23 August 2021


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