How Accurate Are Things Said In Anger?


On a normal day, some truth may never be out.
Ever wondered why people are very keen on accepting whatever is said to them in anger?
That's because many have come to prove the information said when angry to be very accurate and true.

Many people say so many things to people in their anger and rage and a good percentage of those are always facts.
But on the contrary, is everything said when a person is angry that is always true or should be considered true?

I know we all have had a share and taste of anger and we have said some hurtful things to people before while in our anger and rage but I would love to know, is everything said at that point when the person is angry always true? Do we always mean everything we say to people in anger? Especially the ones we know would hurt really bad either consciously or unconsciously? Directly or indirectly?

Well I don't know about you but for my opinion on this and about this, not everything said in anger are facts or true
No matter how we wanna see it, the truth remains. Not everyone means whatever they say to their loved ones in their angry state or when they are angry.
I am a living victim and testimony to this😒
I am not boasting for my wrongdoing but I do know that most of the things I say to loved ones in anger, 70% of them aren't things I mean but just because most times, I tend to make them also feel the pains and hurts of whatsoever they too made me go through. The only way I could think of paying then back is to use my anger as an excuse to hurt them as well.
Yes I know it's called revenge and I am not pleased to have done that.

I used to, but not anymore. I realized no amount of things they could do to me should make me be so cruel as to saying and doing hurtful things to them in return. What difference does it make? I mean does it make me any less different from them or any better?
So I stopped even if it hurt sometimes but I know I can take it all and still be me.

So what's your belief guys? Do you think every word said to people in anger is accurate?
How sure are you guys about this? Please kindly share your opinions on this.

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