Prince Charming


Today, while going through my Youtube feed I stumbled upon the Prince Charming short movie which is based on Husband and wife Loveless life. This movie got released on Friday and within one day It was popping up in my trending section. It made me curious to watch this movie since the starring actors are my favourite. I don't miss any drama of Mahira Khan and Zahid Khan. When the cast of the movie is your favourite then there was no point to miss it. The time duration is also just 11 minutes so those 11 minutes were worth watching this movie.

Prince Charming

What is this movie all about? Well, this movie depicts the sad reality of life that how reality can differ from our imaginary expectations. Expectation, a wife creates in her mind that her life would be like this and that after marriage. I would like to clarify one point here Although I am writing on this sensitive topic I am a pretty reality-based person. I have no image of prince charming in my mind and I have no expectations that life would be like this after marriage lolz. I even think my life would be miserable after marriage I am very happy being single :P XD..

But I do believe that you should get married to the person you love. If you don't love a person you are going to get married your heart will not accept this marriage. That is what I am going through by the way but my case is very different. I can't have a person who I like. Anyways it is what it is.

Story plot

The movie starts with a water dripping tab and a wife laying on her bed beside her Husband keeps starring running fan. She has created an image of her prince charming in her mind and she wants it from her Husband. Well, I guess every wife deserves love, attention and affection from her husband. If she is taking care of your house your children then if she is demanding a little care, love in return, is that too much to ask?

Post-marital depression

I think post-marital depression is a very sensitive and important issue that is often ignored in our society. Before marriage wife was promised her prince charming and after marriage, there is nothing like that. I was reading comments under this video and all comments were from wives. I mean everyone was like that is so true blahdy blah blah. If it is s story of every wife then I question myself why should I get married in the first place?


I didn't notice any such thing in my Farther and mother relationship but after watching this movie I will ask my mama if she's ever been into post-marital depression which is most likely possible. My father is a pretty busy person and I wonder if she had such complaints from him.

No matter how reality-based a person you are but it is the utter reality of life that every wife needs attention, love and care. If the wife is loyal she will be sick and will suffer post-marital depression. But if your wife is hmm hmm she will seek the same attention and love from someone else. So hey people if you are married please give some time to your relationship. I know life is very hectic and there is a race going on to be successful but in this race of success and money don't leave your loved ones behind.

Prince Charming

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