My first Axie SLP claim

After a lot of mess finally, Axie is running smooth and I was able to accumulate some SLPs(Sweet Love potion). I got into this game after knowing that you can earn 30-40$ easily but splinterlands left this game way behind and just today by winning 11k decs in the tournament I earned 66$ and let's not talk about ranked battles. Overall if you play enough you can make 100$ easily so now I am thinking why did I stress myself for Axie infinity in the first place. Well, it is what it is. I will keep playing Axie infinity because I need to get back my investment.

My Axie performance so far


Bad days are gone and now good days are ahead. My Axies level is 17 and I am doing Ruin 19. Now every single battle gives me 15, 18 SLP respectively. I spend 10 energy on adventure and 10 on Arena. Every single win on Arena gives me 7 SLP so I try to win maximum battles. My win rate is just so so on Arena :P XD because my plant axie is very pathetic. I just wasted money on it. I fell for its looks well she does have a pumpkin card which gives her 265 shields and that shield helps a lot.

While writing this post I am playing Ruin 19 and this ruin is the easiest ruin. I will grind this ruin and make sure my axies are at least level 20 then I will try ruin 20. For ruin 20 I need high HP of my axxies. Once I get to that position then life will be easy and then the quest will be a game of just half n hour.


I like the new Axie update where they have started giving out 20 energy at once and if you are trying new ruin and losing then your energy won't count.

My First SLP claim

Ok, I struggled while claiming it on chrome browser. I asked Jlordc and he said to try changing the browser. Then I tried firefox and I installed Ronnin wallet. It worked well on firefox and I claimed my 2000+ SLP.


Price of 2007 SLP is 0.01210221 BTC (479.832 USD / 40742.10 BDT). 24 hours change -6.769%. Updated at 7/31/2021, 2:09:39 AM.

500$ in just 15 days is not bad at all. And I am excluding 6 days I didn't play due to the Axie server issue. Earning money while playing games can be a dream Job for any. Meanwhile, I am daily getting almost 700$ SPS to drop and I am feeling super blessed.

This is my Axie Journey so far. I am planning to replace my plant axie so I might use these SLP to buy a new Axie. What game are you playing? Are those games worth your time? My games are worth my time and I am earning quite a lot so see ya take care and invest your time in productive things :)

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