Is renting a deck is more profitable than playing?

Well, yep rental market is hungry. The moment you put your card on the market it gets rented in just a few minutes. So, yep rental market is so tempting at the moment that I am actually thinking to rent out my one deck. Everythingsmgirl is my alt account and I just realised that I am not doing so well on that account. I mean I only play quest and we all know that quests rewards are always trash. You rarely get something good. I don't play tournaments either and I always end my season in diamond 2. Diamond 2 season rewards are not tempting enough to make me change my mind.

Time to take wise decisions

So what is the wise and the right decision? If you can't justify with your account better rent it out. It will generate some passive income for you. After completing this post, I will be putting my all cards of Everythingsmgirl on the market for rent.

My account does have level 6 beta summoners. So if you are looking for a gold league deck my cards might be the right choice for you hehe just kidding. I will put them today and will see how it goes. I've been observing the rental market very closely. I figured it out people are more interested in renting out their cards instead of delegating them to a specific player for a better ROI. I am so excited to use this new rental system so I am going to try it. Now the next question was how can I rent all cards at once and how can I save my time? I've always been confused between different prices. They keep fluctuating. This was the reason I didn't put my cards on the rental market because I was waiting for the rental maker to settle down in terms of prices. Yesterday, I removed some legendaries from the rental market I've rented on my main account xawi. It was a pain that When i put them on the market prices were so low and they suddenly jumped so high.

In order to solve this issue, I went to the blog of peakmonsters dev blog and I saw this post.

Ultimate video guide to RENTING Splinterlands cards - Save time and money with PeakMonsters.

This video tutorial will explain each and every bit about renting in or out. So If you are very new to a rental system like me and you are also confused like me you better watch this video tutorial. I am exploring the rental system more. Currently, I am in a brawl I can't rent my cards. I will wait for this brawl to end and then I will put my all cards on the market.

I just realised I put level 2 Yodin Zaku for rent 500dec/ day and someone rented it out and I am getting 500 dec/ day for level 2 yodin Zaku. I didn't notice it until now :P XD


OMG, this is so damn good. My yodin Zaku was sitting idle in my account because My fire deck is not that upgraded and I never played fire splinter. I am being impatient now can't wait for this current brawl to end so I can put my cards on the market. Just imagine I am renting my whole deck and i forget about it and one day I logged in to check and I see millions of dec flowing in my account? Damn, I am already feeling rich :P Currently, decs are mooning and earning decs on this moon is like dream come true of not doing anything and still earning money. I thank God millions of the time I wasn't a dumper and I didn't sell my collection in pennies.

Cards I am going to rent out






And same with water, earth, life and dragon splinters. Of course I can't sare screenshots of my all cards there are a lot of cards. I don't think I can do it in one or 2 days. It will take time because I will make sure I am putting a decent level of cards on the market so for this I will have to make a lot of cards transferring from one account to another. It's a lot of work for especially when you are lazy being :P

I have gold cards as well I will transfer all gold to my gold foil account and I will try to increase the level of my gold cards. remaining cards will be on market for rent. I must say splinterlands is the game that made it possible that you can earn passive income. No game is like this. If you think you don't have enough time to play splinterlands and you want to enjoy life and still you want to earn money then splinterlands is the right place for you. I have seen people earning 72k dec/day. They are not getting this much money magically they invested in those times when the cards were so cheap and now they are just sitting behind their computers and reaping fruits :P XD

Last night I read one Maverick said he is already in seven-figure profit :P XD And lands yet to get released and the way things are going I assume one land plot would be like 1K$.

Upon all the SPS magic

What would have been more amazing that you are being airdropped on daily basis? yes on all three accounts I am getting 1200+ SPS drop and I am staking all of them. I don't want to cry or repent when 1 SPS would be 40 or maybe 50$ :P XD I am happy weak hands dumping their SPS and getting instant money but I am pretty sure the splinterlands team will make them cry blood tears ;) Those who sold their decks at dirt cheap prices must be repenting hard but they can't turn the wheel of time.

My SPS stake


APR has been drooped oh noss I was getting 200+ SPS on my staked SPS but now they have reduced :( I wanted to take maximum advantage of high APR but it seems soon we will be back to the same APR e.g; 80% or maybe 90%.

Life is all about taking the right decisions at right time.

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