Completed Lunacia Ruin 21 in just first attempt and earned 200 SLP ;)

Heya everyone,

Laziness hit me really hard this time. I am posting after 8 days whoops. It shows I am really busy these days and it is not my laziness anymore. I shouldn't blame my laziness now. I am actually not a lazy person. Have you ever seen a sick person, who is going through a seasonal viral infection and still trying to complete all online work? If you haven't then look at me I am the one :P. Lately, I've been quite busy with splinterlands stuff and sickness. For instance, i thought I got caught by Covid but nope it was just the usual seasonal infection. Took me 3 days to recover but I still managed to complete my all online work. I didn't miss any tournament and I didn't miss any Axie quest. Although my brother helped me a lot to complete the daily quest of Axie Infinity, I l had to request him a lot to do so. I said I will give you a treat at your favourite restaurant please help complete my daily quest of Axie :P XD.

When I told my friends that I am not well yet I am trying to do my all online work. They made fun of me and said suppose if a truck hits you, you will still find a way to play splinterlands :P XD. Anyways Here I am going to show that I Did Lunacia 21 in just the first attempt. I wasn't doing Lunacia 21 because the Axie team had turned off the Battle API's. API show you your performance e.g; if you win a battle how much EXP you earned and SLP and ELo. So I was waiting for them to add API back. As usual, when I hit my bed to sleep I got a notification from the Axie server. When I checked the announcement and saw they have added API back I decided to try Lunacia 21. My axie level was 23 when I tried to do this level.

Lunacia Ruin 21

Some of you might have been wondering what is so special about Lunacia 21. Lunacia 21 is the hardest level to complete. Where you meet Boss monster which is extraordinarily powerful. Boss monster 1 hit can show you stars in day time :P XD


The image I've shared is not mine but I wanted to show how Lunacia ruin21 looks like. Lunacia 21 consists of a total of 6 rounds and you have to be very careful while selecting your cards. Try to complete the first 5 rounds using minimum energy. And also try to save all your 3 axies till round 6. When you get to round 6 try to skip the first attack and then attack with full force in the second round. I did the same and due to a critical strike, I was able to take the boss monster down in round 2. If a boss monster is gone it means you already won Lunacia 21.




Alone Lunacia 21 gave me 211 SLP that day. It made my day but when I look at SLP price it hurts me. I didn't even cash out my single SLP yet been waiting for its price to hit at least 0.3 cents but alas it is just going down and down. If the SLP price is stubborn I am more stubborn I will sell at 0.3 otherwise let them Rott in my inventory :P XD

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