Beatrix Ironhand- Royal princess of Maglarian

Beatrix Ironhand

Beatrix Ironhand is an airdropped epic of earth splinter. Beatrix Ironhand was the 9th airdropped epic. I maxed her up because of her beauty :P XD otherwise, I rarely use it in my battles. But there are certain rules where you can use her in the first position because she has Close Range rule at the first level. She gets thorn at level 3. At level 5 she gets cripple ability. I still don't understand this ability. If someone really knows how this ability works please explain it to me I am too dumb to understand its real functionality. So far it is the most useless ability for me. Maybe after understanding it better I can make better use of her lolz.



MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs Vegoz


I was given Stampede and even steven rules. I got the best opportunity to use Beatrix so I went with earth splinter and selected prince Renyyn. I was given a huge mana cap 42 so I had plenty of choices.

My Line-up

  • Prince Rennyn
  • Cornealus
  • Sporcerer
  • Khmer Princess
  • Mitica headhunter
  • Unicorn Mustang
  • Beatrix Ironhand

  • Prince Rennyn has always been my most favourite summoner. I used it for speed, range and hp.

  • Unicorn Mustang If the rule is even-steven then there are high chances that your opponent might come up with a magic attack so keeping this probability in my mind I went with Unicorn Mustang. It has void and magic reflect abilities. So both are best against magic attacks.

  • Cornealus is my second choice for this ruleset. Cornealus also has two major abilities magic reflect and return fire.

  • Sporcerer Next monster I used is Sporcerer. It rusts off the armour of the opponent team. Also, it has silence ability which helps against the magic attacks and gives affliction to your opponent.

  • Khmer princess Khmer my small cute love. I used her for healing and triage purpose. I use her too much that she is my 3rd best most used monster in my battles.

  • Mitica Headhunter Another great epic of earth splinter. It gives a super strong ranged attack along with shatter and piercing ability.

  • Beatrin Ironhand In the last position I used the theme of the week Beatrix Ironhand. She has thorn ability so can be used in the last position in order to counter sneak attacks.

I hope you enjoyed my battle. i will see y'all in my next challenge post see ya take care.

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