Homonyms: Bored and Scared.

After days and weeks and months and years, I'm writing for homonyms once more. Exams and stuff really aren't letting me dive into this project of ours, but what can you do, really?

So without further ado, I'll start with answering the questions.


How do you deal with boredom?

Ahhh boredom...

A mistress I really really do not like...

But for someone as lifeless as me, boredom is a part of reality I can't really ignore. So I have to coexist with it, dragging it along with me as the days pass by me without much excitement.

I'm not that much of an adventurous person in real life. The most exciting thing I've done is take long detours from the usual route to my house and wander around unknown streets for hours. Besides taking wild rides in fantasy and getting lost in built-up worlds in my head, I haven't lived a life filled with exciting things to share.

So boredom, yeah, I know her. She creeps into my bones a late nights, and in the brightest of days, and like a naive little child, I always welcome her in, a bit dejectedly if so.

I'm not gonna go on and sound all high and mighty and say intellectual things like 'I deal boredom with my pen' because I really, really don't do that. πŸ˜…

Writing is a luxury that can be rarely afforded by me. I write based on emotions and intensity, and boredom drains them both out like a basin.

Most of my time in boredom is spent doing nothing. It's not a lie. I spend hours away staring at my ceiling and thinking of nothing when I'm bored. My mind is rendered empty at times like that. And as much as I hate it, it's what I find myself doing most of the time.

But as a depressed little sod who really doesn't want to sit still for hours long, I do try and escape from it.

I usually find myself listening and humming to my favourite tunes when I'm bored. My prized little guitar also proves to be a wonderful distraction at times like that, and books work as lifesavers when shit just gets too tough to deal with. Opening up a fresh new story to get lost into is the perfect way to leave behind this mundane life of mine, so I also find myself reading anything I find fancy when I'm bored.

Other than that, I try to walk it off. Walking around my room, house, neighbourhood, or anything else helps me get my mind out of a dull state. I also spend time watching videos on youtube, and sometimes when the mood is just right, I might even turn towards movies (I'm not a watcher.... I really am not.. It's a curse! πŸ˜…)

And when even that fails me, I just close my eyes and sleep.

Yeap, that's it. Sleep. I sleep to fight away boredom. And if I'm bored again after waking up, then, well, life is only but going around in circles. So in circles, I move.

Name three things you’d do if you weren’t restricted by the fear.

Well, this is a tricky question to answer...

How can I even answer a question so complex with three things? I'm a scaredy-cat in real life; there are probably hundreds of things I would've done if I wasn't so afraid most of the time. So I guess I'll just try to be random.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about it is a solo tour...
If I wasn't so bloody afraid, I'd have packed my bags by now and just left to who knows where to see the things I always wanted to see.

I always wanted to drink a cup of warm tea on a cliffside at three am. Maybe that's what I would've set out on doing if I had the guts. A train ride alone on a lonely night also sounds a page ripped out of my dreams.
So yeah, that's what I would've done.

Other than that... I really don't know. All my deepest desires are intertwined with this idea of leaving and seeing the world. I'm just too afraid of doing it.

I might have picked up psychology as my major if I wasn't so afraid... Or English. Or Journalism. Or Architecture...

I might have made a run for India that time when Coldplay held a concert in Mumbai...

That's about it, I guess. Like how I said, I genuinely am a scaredy-cat. There are too many things I'm afraid of doing.

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