Time, Preparation and Opportunity



Just like the holy book says "there is time for everything on earth", no one knows when anything will happen i.e time is pretty much everything. No one knows when you'll get promoted at work, or when your investments will pay off or when you will become the best blogger. That's when preparation comes in, i.e the right time and opportunity meets preparation. That means when the right time comes for you to be crowned the King or Queen of blogging you won't miss it. Some people will argue that it is just luck but then is it? Could Messi become the best soccer player by just waiting for luck? It was actually his preparation that met the right time and opportunity i.e It is a triad that must balance for things to truly work in your favor.

It's no denying that whether your prepare or not the opportunity will present itself, that time will come but if you aren't prepared for it , it will certainly pass you by to the next prepared person. Until another time which no one can ascertain, for some it might be months and for some it could take another 10years before such an opportunity would come again. You think Elon Musk just sat in his parents basements playing video games while waiting for the right opportunity? Elon started learning computer programming as early as 10years. Perhaps if he had waited until he was 16 to take his first lessons in computer programming we would have known a different person entirely, maybe Musk Thomas.

For some people they get caught up in procastination, they believe they can do it tomorrow or start that class next year thinking there is so much time. Just like there is time for everything you wouldn't know just when you would run out of time either. Time is a luxury that we don't have, we all have to grab it by the collar and not let go of every second or minute. It is an important factor that determines every aspect of our life including relationships, family or even business. Once you fail to take hold of the opportunity to prepare for the right time , you would loose the opportunity to succeed when it comes.

And so timing is everything. I am sure now you wondering what about lottery winners. It is still a question of time, a lot of people have played the same numbers over and over again and have not won a dime. If that lottery winner had played those numbers at the wrong time he would not be the millionaire you know today. Time is a luxury you should never take advantage of , I am sure you can recall the opportunities you have missed as a result of bad timing or just being lackadaisical about time.

It is very much important that we know how to recognize and study how timing will play on the opportunities that life presents to us. It's not too late to start to prepare because it's never too late to succeed. While the opportunity may have passed you before, it is certain that your preparations will attract many more opportunities if you start now.

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