The Explosive Weaponry | How Captain Katie Saved My Squad

It is time for the weekly splinterlands battle mage challenge, and checking out the rule set given this time around and it is the Explosive Weaponry which give all monster card the blast ability, This blast ability always hit the adjacent monster card around the target cards, It was really a funny moment when I first saw this ability on one of my favourite monster cards back then Ruler of the seas and Yodin Zaku which distribute the ability to all the friendly cards and I always envy my opponent at times whenever they use the particular ability against me but it always sweet me when I use it against them, before the explosive weaponry ruleset came in, Yodin zaku had this ability first as a summoner and people always make use of it, any battle with enough mana cap, it is always yodin zaku topping the list, which even made the renting fee increase until they balance the equation with this rule set.

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I almost give up though because I couldn't come across this rule set and always conclude I will come up with another battle until I came across the rule set during a battle with Marturia in a 24 mana capped match with the Odd ones out which allow only odd mana cap in the battle and Explosive weaponry which give all cards the blast ability and we could pick from life, water or earth element. I had to consider the odd one out with the little mana capped and picked the life element and also decided to use Franz Ruffmane as my summoner with the gladiator ability. So I decided to use Imperial knight as my frontline with the healing and void armour ability which really worth the first position then I picked Venari Marksrat just to add that martyr buff effect if destroyed, and I use the Captain Katie as my gladiator with the bloodlust ability and lastly Gargoya Scrapper just to take any sneak attack.

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The battle really started well and I was very sure marksrat will surely get destroyed with just some few strike since the blast ability will surely have effect on it and it did, Katie got buffed to 4 attacks and with the snipe ability it destroy my opponent Gem meteor which also activate the bloodlust and I was able to destroy every bit of this cards, Captain Katie really save the day and did most of the work.


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