The Dragon Dungeon | Splinterland Battle Challenge

Boom, I'm here again and this time around with the first splinterlands weekly battle challenge of the year, it was just like yesterday when we had the last battle of year 2022 using Cursed Windeku one of the death element melee attackers with thorns, healing and slow ability when maxed. This week selection, we will be using any dragon monster cards in this challenge as long as you won the battle. Dragon element is one of the most interesting element to use during battle because they don't work alone, you have to pair them with other element and make them one, likewise, dragon monster cards are really strong in most of their stats and have some amazing abilities that came with them.

This season, I haven't reach the higher league since I decided to leave sliver league today so I had to use one of my sliver league battle where I use the dragon element in a 44 mana capped match between I and zonguin with the super sneak which give all melee attackers the sneak ability and also the Take sides rules that prevent us from using any neutral monster cards. we could pick from fire, earth and dragon element so I paired dragon with earth. The mana capped is huge so I decided to use some of my high mana monster cards. I used Flesh Golem as my frontline because it can heal every round then I backed it up with Djinn Chwala with the thorn ability and the sneak rule can make it attack from that position. At this point i decided to play an odd step up, in super sneak rules, we always love to use more melee attacking cards since sneak give them the chance to attack from any position and our opponent can easily guess and counter it with the earth thorn summoner most times

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 21.11.20.png

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But this time, I decided to play it save, after my first two melee cards, I went all in with strong magic cards so as to attack my opponent cards health directly incase they have shield and also avoid the story that touches the heart, I make use of Kron the undying with it healing ability and strong stat, then I use Centuari Mage with the return fire ability and lastly Mycelic slipspawn with the taunt ability to hold down the opponent attacks first. It was as if he got the hint also because he use less melee attackers so he picked them evenly and also use slipspawn to hold down my attacks.

I destory his slipspawn first and he did the same, then I went ahead and destroy most of his cards while weaken the rest, Kron came us as my frontline and the healing ability really help in saving my cards they were not able to destroy it and I was able to win with two of my cards stand strong. Let say he had an affliction cards on board, there is high probably it might serve as a game changer since I didnt have any cleansing ability on board but nevertheless, I won flawlessly.


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