Molten Ash Golem | The Fiery Beast Of Might And Malice.

The gladness when it is the time for the weekly splinterlands battle challenge where we are to talk about the weekly battle using a specify monster card that was picked, surprisingly we are using Molten Ash Golem this week, a range monster card from the fire element and also one of the cards in chaos legion collection. As a range card, having the close range ability make it really different and also turn it to one of my fav rangers because of the ability to attack from the first position. I had to max out this cards because it is very cheap and only cost 5.7$ to max it and it will make it have this 3 abilities, Close range at level 1, Weaken at level 5 which reduce all enemy monster card health and Demoralize at level 8 which reduce all enemy monster melee attacks.

The battle I will be sharing today isn't just one of my regular battle, it was one of the recent complete guild brawl battle I took part in, I always play fray 11 which is the gold league fray, I had to first of all rent some certain card for this battle especially the summoner Conqueror Jacek because of the 3 amazing abilities that came with it. I was given a high capped battle (44) in one of the fray with Bakibaba as my opponent and we were given the Fog of war which make all snipe and sneak monster card lose their ability and also the close range rule that allow range cards to attack from the first position. Normally, in this kind of rule, I always use enough magic cards since there is no access to sneak and snipe cards but seeing the close range rules, I just had to change my strategy this time and pick fire element instead of the water element I do pick.

I use Conqueror Jacek as my summoner, I decided to use Sceptic Slime as my frontline mainly because of it two abilities which is healing and stun, even though the speed is only 1, this card always stun opponent card almost on every hit and with the summoner I picked, it will boost it speed. Since we have close range rule also, I decided to use range cards all through, so I picked Molten Ash Golem, Scavo Firebolt because of it strong range attack, Fire beetle, Tinderlock which I just find out how amazing it is with those abilities especially the silence ability incase my opponent use magic attack and lastly, Countess Sinash with the camouflage and opportunity ability, this card always act as my backline and also have Swiftness and affliction abilities.

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The battle was something else, even though most of my cards are weak when it come to heath, the summoner abilities alone gave me higher advantage, first of all it was the speed, which make some opponent miss their attack, the scatter shot that was disturbing the ranger attack all round and also piercing them. Countess with that 4 range attack really helped with the opportunity ability and I was able to win the match with 2 of my cards left on board.


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