Lily Shieldpaw Is Finally Live | My First Encounter

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Finally Lily Shieldpaw is now airdropped to users who purchased chaos legion packs, I even forgot they will received it as soon as possible because when I check the market section before, I couldn't find it so I just forgot about it until when I saw someone use it against me today in battle, I was like wow, so this summoner is on already. i had to check out the market section immediately to see the sale price and also the renting price. Since it is a legendary based summoner, it is currently selling around 28$ and that means you will around 280$ to max it which is really cool and their is high probability the price might increase or dropped down a little bit, since the hype is still on and also the gold foil is selling around 208$, somehow costly but gold foil players might grab it because it might be way cheap.

I had my first encounter with this summoner in a 42 mana capped battle, @motherearth68 was my opponent and we had the Lost magic which prevent us from using magic cards, unprotected which remove armour from all monster card and Rise of the common which only allow common and rare cards in the battle and we could from any element except water and death. I went in with dragon and fire combo but when I check the monster card I will select from, it wasn't what I expect because I couldn't pick some of my favorite monsters so I went with, Gelatinous cube as my frontline since it can heal even if it is non-attacking monster. This cards have strong health stat and also the scavenger ability always boost it, Fineas Rage with the reach ability to support it since it can attack from the second position, Dhampir Infiltrator is one of my fav low mana monster with the sneak, double strike and cripple ability, if it isnt destroy easily, it always attack well. Then I picked Molten ash golem, Sand worm and Supply runner, I was sure with my selections so I submit the battle.

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battle link

I was surprise when i saw what my opponent use, first was the new summoner which is in lvl 3, but his setup wasn't really well aligned, he really didn't follow some of the rules since he placed arkemis in the middle when it cant attack, but he surprised me with those sneaky monster cards but my cards were way stronger in stats which give me more advantage against him and since I have to focus on the frontline with all my attacks, that gave me more chance to destroy his frontline easily, and I was able to defeat him with most of my cards still intact. I was even thinking of renting this summoner and test it out but I think I will wait till next season since we are almost done with this season and the renting fee is way high than I expect it to be. Till next season, we keep battling.


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