Immortalis | An Obstacle To Magic Card Lovers


This christmas is really full of stress and lot of works to do, been tired lately and this morning I felt sick and I wasn't able to do anything than to sleep for a long time maybe that was what my body need, a proper rest which worked a bit because the headache reduced but the malaria want to start showing. I was scrolling through the feed section when I decided to check out splinterlands main post to see if there is another announcement and boom I saw the new summoner revealing post and I was wow because it look too soon since they use released Possibilus the wise, a water based summoner and now we have Immortalis a new Earth element summoner coming in soon once they purchased more 30k chaos legion pack

Kudos to Cyguy and the whole Immortal Gods group for bringing up this amazing graphic design the dog part really caught my attention because I really love dogs especially on call of duty games too. Check out this cards stat was really amazing especially when I saw it as an earth summoner with those abilities. First of all is the Void ability that reduce magic attack damage which is really a good one and this is the second summoner with such ability after Mimosa Nightshade. When it come to magic abilities, earth is now complete, we have summoner with extra magic attack and now we will be having the one with void ability. Other ability on this awesome summoner is the shatter which destroy any amour a target enemy card possess which is really good because it can counter any amoured cards especially those with void amour which prevent you from hitting their health, now that will be taken away easily.


The -1 health is just an added advantage which reduce all enemy monster health by one. I would love to say this summoner will really be a good one but I have to try it out first before I can give it a conclusion but it will really be useful to counter all this magic cards lover. While we wait for the drop, we keep grinding.


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