"Words come by" (Original short Poem)

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"Words come by"

When the words come echoing,
Thoughts derail in many directions,
Cause the verses are unheard-off,
and your words are unread.

A new system that encodes your words,
Decode the ultimate truth,
I figured out the innocence in you
Unrewarded by any loose.

The ends come with new beginnings
but thoughts of you come with the passing days,
You call-off the ends against us,
Undetermined of the praise.

The End!

{Cover- Source}

Sometimes it happens that we are acquainted with words that are quite unknown to us, we try to understand and maybe we do but the real essence waits to be known. It happens to be a lot that I misunderstand people due to specific wordings that they have used and way later in time I actually understand why they have used it so. Sometimes, it is truly crucial to understand the other by being in their shoes and imagining circumstances apart from the way your environment permits. Words are truly amazing indeed.

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