"Tied-Untied" (Original poem)

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Many died, many lied,
Many dreams were left unfulfilled,
Our attempts to cherish life succeeded,
When I fell deep in love within.

All the colors bloomed,
All the turns directed here,
All my wounds lifted,
Looking at you caresses.

But today God did Bless on me,
When I saw you walk in,
The flower that bloomed for you tonight,
Our promise of eternal everlasting.

But could I cherish the shower?
Could I be blessed?
The world turned up, awakening me,
You died in my arms while I cherished.

The dreams were dead,
The shine withered,
The wounds were fresh,
While I veiled you although, you I cherish.

The end!

I was in deep agony after watching S6 of Vampire Diaries series. It was so painful to bear that I ended up penning it down. I hope you all like it and those of you who watched this series will be able to relate.

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