The Blues

There's a virus that's spreading but not really paid much attention to.

No, I'm not talking about COVID19.

This is a different kind of virus, but potent. Once infected, it takes time to get cured from. The infected doesn't show the symptoms immediately but over time. It slowly and eventually makes its way into your life and colors it dull and gray from lively and cheerful. The very renowned ভাল্লাগেনা disease.

What is this mysterious ভাল্লাগেনা disease?

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It's a disease that causes you to feel sour about what usually makes you happy. You'll feel grumpy and erratic and nothing in your world seems right - sometimes may associate with burnt out but more importantly emotionally. Now, I don't know about you but who likes a burnt toast or burnt anything? Sometimes, you may think, it happens for absolutely no reason but there's always a reason, even not dealing with issues you are facing can cause you to feel this way. Usually when one has overworked themselves may feel that way - an overall depressing mood but not depression per se. You may think that you're not tired physically so why do you feel like even speaking a few words is such tiresome work. Did you stop to think about your mental exhaustion?

Unfortunately, I have been suffering from it as well. Much to my dismay, it's taking longer to get recovered from. It took a little time for me to realize that although I didn't get tired due to my daily routine and the work I do, the stress itself has been too much of a burden and I have been having a hard time coping with it. And I know the cause of my ভাল্লাগেনা disease. Depression is not one of the reasons behind this but emotional burnt out can lead to depression. Even though I'm not a depressed person but I do go through emotional turmoil too often. Most of the time I ignore them, sometimes I deal with them my own way but once in a blue moon I feel that everything just should quiet down.

I cannot give you any professional advice about how to, plainly say, get better from this situation. Resting and getting in on a healthy schedule will help, so as talking to your close ones but as of this moment you're unwilling to do any of that. Even some will suggest you get professional help - go to the shrink. No, no, none of these were to cause you harm and all of them are fair enough suggestions. I know many are reluctant to get professional help - frankly, I'm not too far off from that brunch. I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere though but talking to a psychologist (even if the issues you're facing are trivial) will make you look like a psycho or mentally ill patient - no one wants to be tagged as sick.

Although this depressing mood may seem harmless and may not urge you to seek out help, it can be long drawn depending on the issues you're facing - the issue that exhausts you and drains you out. Often you'd feel that you won't be able to make it sensible to others because you can't make sense of it yourself - often you may not know what's causing it in the first place. It's never welcomed yet we can't help to prevent occurring.

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