Homonyms: Mess Up Expert

Okay, Phine. You got me.

So, my favorite hellcats have come up with yet another interesting topic and now probably sitting in a lazy chair enjoying the fruits of their labor. I wanted to post this piece days ago but somehow I kept on skipping and skipping, until today. So, it's the third week - Homonyms: Let the words flow [Week #3]

Let the games begin (chuckles)

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What is the best time for writing?

I don't believe there's any specific time for writing. You can write whenever you feel like writing. Any time is a good time to write as long as you feel like writing. Also if I'm right, many face the predicament of finding good topics. It just so happens that good ideas come to me at the dead of the night. Yes, believe me, I feel like slapping the shit out of myself at that moment But I would certainly say when you shouldn't write - it's when you're facing a block or have no desire to even open your PC or laptop let alone write. SO, I guess it's not really the matter of when is the write time you write, rather when you feel like it or a crazy idea forms in your mind.

What is your favorite thing to write about?

Hmm, this is a tricky question. If you had asked me a year ago "what do you like writing about?" my answer would have been "I have never written anything in my life besides those crappy essays in school and college - that too mostly in Bangla." I'm still going around all that I can and see what I prefer. So, at the moment, I don't have a preference. I write what I feel like at the moment or anything that comes to mind. Even though I'm not very good at it but Fiction is something that I want to continue writing, I mean I'll try my best though.

Is there any writing of yours that has managed to land on your favorite list?

Well, this is common with me - I'm never fully satisfied with what I write. Even with this one, I'm barely happy. But yes, one or two may have slightly exceeded my expectation. One of which would be Sleep or No Sleep - this because I'm sure there are a few nocturnals, yes nocturnals, like me, can relate to it. ূThen there's Unended Lines!!! which can show how much I can procrastinate. Believe me, it's worse than it used to be now - why? I have been writing this very post since Wednesday. I promise this is the last one - Ansiktet - The Magician - (1958). I'm not sure if you have watched this film but it's one of my most favorite films of all time and when I was writing about this one I was quite overwhelmed and I was still finding out things that moved me and what the film meant to me.

What was the first thing you wrote just for yourself?

Well, how many things do you expect me to write in these mere few months? I haven't written that many - most of what I wrote fully intending to share. Yes, there's one particular that I wrote (and published) just for myself - The Inanimate and that was the first of many. I published it many moons ago - it's nothing extravagant but I like it.

Who is your favorite writer/which is your favorite book?(yes, we are fishing for novel suggestions!)

No, this is something I'm not going to do. It's not because that I haven't read many books, I have read a few and not enough to pick favorites. But there's another reason. I'm not getting off-topic here but I devour movies like anything and if you ask me who's my favorite writer or best screenplay, I will have a hard time tell you that. So, this rule applies to films, books, music, all in general - the rule is simple I don't pick favorites. So, I won't create a hall of fame anytime soon.

Yay, I'm going to give myself a pat on the back because I finally finished it. To be honest, I was reluctant at first to complete it. Then I just went on - bleh, bleh, bleh. Sam & Dean, you have done well. And I'm looking forwards to the next one. I believe I'll enjoy calling you two hellcats.

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