Caged: To Set Him Free

The endless amount of books and all that knowledge that's surrounding her hasn't been able to help her. She spends hours trying to find answers to how to break the bond or the arrangement, as he calls it, but with no luck. She's clueless as to how is she going to get out of this mess - a mess that she had created.

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She wanted to live a little while longer. After fighting an endless battle with poverty, sickness, loneliness, and all the other vile gruesome encounters one can have, she was ready to give up - but she didn't. It wasn't that her conscience told her to Be the better person - if it did, then she'd be far better off; either buried six feet under or still hustling with life at every nook and cranny. No - it was something wretched that reached out to her, something so infectiously impure, nevertheless so enchanting and she embraced it forsaking her soul.

She remembered writhing in pain, lying on her back in that dark alleyway; she remembered the stab wounds and that it was just a game for them - the predators and their helpless prey. They jumped on her, surrounded her, threatening her with weapons sharp and blunt and their menacing laughs - she was cornered, trapped like a fish in a barrel. They slashed her one at a time and cackled - her defenseless situation made their game more entertaining. Each time she winced in pain, they howled. Every sob and every plea came out of her, they rejoiced and inflicted more pain. When she could no longer cry out for help, they left her - they thought she died; they hoped she died. There was no strength left in her; only she could silently pray. She called out above and beyond to get her out of misery but no one heard her prayer - but one did. It (he) gave her a choice and she waited for another.

Clueless that the other choice was death.

That gypsy lady was right, she was to face agony beyond her capacity - that she'd find herself in between life and death - that she'd be given a choice at that time and what she'd choose would determine her life. A choice she made - a bond was created - a life she chose but the price she wasn't aware of. The gypsy had promised to help her not die, she wasn't ready to die. The lady gave her a tiny amulet and said held it tightly when the end is near - appeal to it. When the gods above didn't hear her, she pleaded to the unknown and the unknown laid a choice in front, ignoring the other. Little did she knew that her choice would invite her doom and at the opportune moment He came for her. He promised her vengeance; a life of immortality and no weaknesses - she took it, became one with Him.

They became inseparable.

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Finally, the time came when all those who were "kind" to her, to repay them tenfold - starting off with the thugs who were the most "generous" of them all. One by one, they all received the kindness they bestowed upon her. She told him what she wanted to do and he did even better - he fed on her anger and their blood. No longer she felt pain, no suffering, and no more she was weak - strength, power, and bloodlust flowed through her veins. With each, they both played a game far sinister and the thugs ended up being a meal to the rodents after He discarded them. But his bloodlust was and still is uncontrollable - he lefts bodies upon bodies.

He sinks his teeth on their necks, drinks their blood, and throws away their body - he convinced her that it was to sustain him to act upon her vengeance. Soon her crave for justice had diminished but His lust and fury didn't - it was His time now. Her eyes opened. She could finally see what He truly was but it was too late - too late to undo what she had done. And she is left to dispose of the dead He leaves in his wake. Her life became a constant nightmare filled with screams of innocent and guilty.

The answers she looks for in the pages of the old dusty books haven't been found yet. She looks for the gypsy but that's a dead end. She hit a wall after the other and got submerged into chaos.

She set Him free and He wouldn't be caged again.


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