Sketch of Splinterlands Monster || Art by @sshila

Hello Everyone,

How is everyone? Hope everybody is doing well. I believe art is an art through which artists can express their thoughts. I love to do Monster Hut almost all the time now. We also do different kinds of art when I think I do that art. Today I took a picture of a serpent that looks like half a snake, half a human. You will support my art. I will try to share regular art with you from now on. I am analyzing how I have done each step of my art here. I hope you will have no difficulty in understanding. Finally, I would like to thank @splinterlands for organizing such a contest. Here different creative people will be able to express their creativity and win interesting prizes along with it. I hope I can give you a place if you help.



  • Pencil
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Color Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sketchbook

Here are some steps of this art :

Since I understood in advance that it would take a long time to do airtak, I first added the upper part with a little pencil.


Then I added the hand and the part of the chest from the neck. At first I made it very light with a pencil so that if there is any mistake it can be erased.


Then I did art on the lower part of the body and added clothes, then I made the whole picture with a pencil.


Then I painted the upper part of the head and the part of the hand with yellow color.

Then I painted different parts of the body in different colors to make it look beautiful.
Then the colors should be rubbed and mixed very well to make it look good.



Final Steps:




The contest that arranges Splinterlands . I want to request to my all friends for participating in this contest

Here is these contests link.
Thank you. Hope you like my art.

Best Regards

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