Second part || Missing person



After the death of Rita and Mita’s mother, their lives take a more terrible turn. Rita's family also stopped paying the electricity bill at their house for a long time. Within a few days, the waterline and the gas line of the house were all closed down. Rita and Mita gradually became accustomed to living in a dark house. Rita and Mita never leave the house.

Rita won’t go out to buy any more food. Neighbors who were nearby would occasionally knock on their doors. But they do not respond. This was about a month ago. Rita’s neighbors saw a situation and decided to report it to the police. After informing the police, the police came to the front of Rita’s house. The police knocked on the door for a while and asked them to open it.

But there were no responses from Rita or Mita. Eventually, the police broke down the door and tried to get inside. Open the door and let them see another world. One is wandering inside a mysterious house. As soon as got through the door, the whole house seems to be trapped. The stench inside the house is unbearable. Everything in the house exists as if there were many cockroaches or rats, saw the police divided the house into two parts.

They created a bathroom space in one corner of the house. And the house is divided into two parts, one side for their parents and the other side for themselves. Rita and mita both lying in a very sleepy state on the floor. At that time the police rescued her, Their bodies have become so weak from not eating that they could not have been saved even if it had been a little longer. When they were taken to the hospital and Rita and Mita felt somewhat healthy. Then the police asked Rita what was the reason for them to do so?

Rita said in response to a police question that they were communicating directly with God. So they can get their parents back. This is what they have been praying for a good day and night for Rita parents to return to them. The doctor saw Rita and mita condition and informed the police that it was a kind of disease. Which one will you set apart from real life? Such as the society outside of eating and drinking bath and nothing in this world will feel its own. They create new world just like themselves. Rita and Mita recovered somewhat after taking medication for several days. Rita found a job and started living there normally.

But it will only be known within a few days. Rita and Mita stop taking medicine and going back home. Neighbors noticed again that rita and mita have returned to their homes. And nothing has changed on them.

Rita and Mita close the house again and start living in their own house. Neighbors noticed this and were forced to report it to the police again.

The police came and saw the same situation in Rita and Mita's house again. The police tried to contact their elder sister without seeing any other way. Rita and Mita are undergoing treatment. In the meantime, police in Canada can contact his older sister. And the police told Rita's older sister all about their illness and arranged for them to be sent there. Rita and mita left for Canada, but were never found again.

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