Homonyms: Let the words flow [Week #2]


After our kick off last week, it's now time for week two!

I must say that me and @whileatwiltshire were tremendously surprised by the interest and participation we have received so far, and we really can't explain how happy it made us feel to have so many talented individuals joining in the adventure as we move forward! A huge round of applause to all of you. You are all amazing.

Now, let's move on to this week's Homonyms topic. But before that, let's recap what this project really is.

Project Plan:

The plan is simple. Every week or so, there will be one topic (it can be a word, a question, a feeling, a picture, anything, really!) given by any one of us, on which we will write on. The written piece can be a story, a poem, a rant post, a blog, an opinion, anything, as long as it relates to the topic given.

The Rules?

There aren’t any. Just write whatever you want in the language of your choice (Bangla, English....French?! Have at it, if you must.) and post within the given timeframe. Simple.

To make it easier to find all the related posts regarding this project, follow a title pattern such as this – “Homonyms: Your title Name” and use #homonyms hashtag among the tags of your post.

As this is just for a little fun, there aren’t any rewards to be given out by us (we are both broke XDD) so yeah, join at your own interest, and if you like it, then keep on writing with us.

Topic of the week(?)

For our second week, we have decided to change the course completely and go with a picture. It’s after all, fun to mix things up a little, once in a while.

So, the task of this week is to describe what this picture below, speaks to you..


Does it look like the setting of a blood chilling thriller? Or is the darkness reminding you of a memory you had while walking on the road once? Is it nostalgic or sad? Does it make you feel a sense of horror, or does it simply remind you of the busy life of a day to day middle class worker? Or do you simply want to talk about the road conditions of your country?

Pick up your pen(or keyboard) and get on writing! As long as it's related to our topic, we will be taking in anything!

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[The topic image has been captured by Sam ]

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