Homonyms: Let the words flow [Week #1]


Being on the verge of boredom, sometimes writing can feel like a chore you don't want to do. Having been feeling as such for a while, me and @whileatwiltshire came up with a little project (you can say..) to make writing just a tad bit more fun.

Have you ever wondered what one certain word meant to the person sitting next to you? Does it ever fascinate you, how an answer of the same question varies from person to person? Do you wanna test it out? Want to see for yourself, how far someone is from the line of thinking and feeling from you? Then you can come and join us as we go on this journey to find out what makes us an individual, and what makes us one?

Project Plan:

The plan is simple. Every week or so, there will be one topic (it can be a word, a question, a feeling, a picture, anything, really!) given by any one of us, on which we will write on. The written piece can be a story, a poem, a rant post, a blog, an opinion, anything, as long as it relates to the topic given.

The Rules?

There aren’t any. Just write whatever you want in the language of your choice (Bangla, English....French?! Have at it, if you must.) and post within the given timeframe. Simple.

To make it easier to find all the related posts regarding this project, follow a title pattern such as this – “Homonyms: Your title Name” and use #homonyms hashtag among the tags of your post.

As this is just for a little fun, there aren’t any rewards to be given out by us (we are both broke XDD) so yeah, join at your own interest, and if you like it, then keep on writing with us.

Topic of the week(?)

As this is our start off, we figured to go out with something easy. So for this week's topic, we ask you a very simple question.

What makes you happy?

We all have things in our life that make us smile. Even on the good days and the bads, there are things that give us comfort, make us laugh and make us love life, even if it's just a little. It can be a person, a place, a song, a movie, or even just a corner of your room you like to sit on.

So write something about this, anything. It can be a short story, a poem, a blog, whatever comes to your mind, and express your thoughts/feelings with words.

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