The Ideal Life

There are many things that give meaning to the life that someone is living. Going through life without making impact will make the person to have existed instead of truly living. It is not the amount of your possession that truly matters to your life and to posterity but how you have used it to create an impact within your environment and in the world at large.

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The quest for ultimate happiness has beclouded the mind of many to think that happiness should be based on material possession. It is worthy to note that the true happiness is not given but earned by making others happy too. A point will come in your life when you will realize that being kind is a bigger source of happiness than being right.

The ideal life is not necessarily the life that is void of challenges nor living in an ideal world but living a life of impact - a life that will leverage on the happenings in the world to create a better impact. If at the end of your life's journey and no one can relate to any good thing you have done, then you have not truly lived. This is why it has been said that "if people do not feel your absence, then you did not make the most of your presence".

In the midst of darkness, any kind of light you bring in will be heavily appreciated. In the same way, in the world that is full of uncertainties, cruelties and misdeeds, your little act of kindness you show can go a long way to make the impact you require to create the ideal world.

There are many moments that make sense in the life of people but the major ones include: the opportunity to make sacrifices, the chance to conquer a certain flaw, the act of saving a friend. However there is a particular one that is normal ignored by many and that is the process of sparing an enemy. You see, the ideal life covers all these virtues. It will be surprising to know that the same person you spared as an enemy may be the person that will save you tomorrow.

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When the goodness begins from you, it will spread out to your environment and others will emulate your lifestyle. Do not expect others to act good towards your if you are not good towards them. The goodness of the world should begin with you living a good and ideal life.

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