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A few years back, I did a fish pond business. During the beginning phase of raising the fish (from fingerlings), I noticed that their growth was not encouraging. When I conferred with a friend, he told me to transfer the fish to a bigger pond where they will have enough space. I did that and guess what: Their size increased and even the mortality rate reduced massively. From this, you will understand one thing; location and right positioning is very crucial to the growth of anyone.

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Most of the struggles people go through would have been averted if they are in a better location. Any deviation in the place you are meant to be, you may be met with difficulty. No matter how a palm seed is viable and genetically engineered, there are places that it cannot grow (like in the Sahara desert), so taking it to the location will just kill it - not because it does not have the potentials to grow but because it has been taken to the wrong location.

There is a particular location that is best suited for everything that everyone wants to do. Even when setting up a business venture, location is one of the considerations to put into place. Imagine if someone wants to sell fuel and he goes to a location where no one uses fuel engine cars, will he make a good sale? Or probably someone selling cold freezer in a place that freezes almost all year round, will his business make profit?

In all these points, you will agree with me that location go a long way to determine someone's success. If you are not functioning well, before you query any other thing, find out if you are in the right position. To understand the power of location, try to take a fish from its natural habitat (water) and put it in the forest or desert, just give it a little time and the fish will die. The same thing happens when you shift from your location. Note this:

Your allocation is determined by your location [Popular quote]

That someone is making it in a particular location does not mean that you too can. You have to discover what suits you. Just the way our passions are dissimilar, our locations are also dissimilar. To know the location meant for you, you have to know what you are passionate about - what you are designed to do.

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One of the questions you need to answer before you initiate the action towards your dreams is the question of "where". When all other questions (like the "what" and the "when") are answered but the question of "where" is not answered, the dream may be hampered. Always keep in mind that your making or marring can be caused by your location.

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