A simple review of the Bengali Book "Aranyak" by Bibhutibhushan Banerjee.

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Today I am coming with my another Book Review blog. In this blog I am going to share my feelings about a Bengali book called Aranyak by Bibhutibhushan Banerjee. So, Let us begin.


Book: Aranyak

  • Author: Bibhutibhushan Banerjee


The book Aranyak was written between 1938-39. The novel is dedicated to the author's first wife Gori Devi.


While in Bhagalpur, the author planned to write Aranyak

Core Subject:

The name Aranyak implies that it must have been written about a forest. That's right.

The main character of the story is Satyacharan. Whether employed as manager of a densely forested environment. The main thing is how Satyacharan felt when he was born and raised in a locality like Kolkata.

Good Points:

In urban life we ​​are so accustomed that in an environment where there is only vegetation all around and the fear of wild animal's turbulence at every moment, it is unimaginable how people survive. And the author has beautifully highlighted the aspect of that imagination.

The disparity between the rich and the poor that we have been seeing for ages can be noticed here. The rich have been shown to discriminate between the powerful and the weak more than the poor.

  • Another interesting part is what people living in that jungle environment eat and survive which seemed very surprising to me.

  • Employees are really forced to follow the wishes of others. Even if they want to, they cannot act according to their own minds.

  • Another noteworthy aspect is the feeling of truthfulness. From the beginning to the end his feelings changed a lot. How he felt in this wild environment was a matter of great curiosity. And in the end, his mind became very bad. Now you can understand why it is bad.

Why You have to Read?

This is a masterpiece for those who like to read travel novels. Even sitting at home, you can travel through the jungle in the imagination of 'Aranyak'. However, it is written in the language of the saint, but fluent, not difficult to understand. And there was a request to read patiently in the middle. However, the main climax of this book is towards the end. So if you don't read it till the end, you will miss it.

You can read this book on your leisure time. Hope it will give you some betterment for a while.

I'm not a professional reviewer. So please don't judge my opinion. I just tried to share my feelings about this book with you. Hope you will like it. If there is anything wrong in this blog, just let me know by your respective comments.

Thanks for supporting me. Nowadays I am so happy to see everyone's response on my blogs. I want to write more and more on HIVE. Specially thanks to them who always support me with their valuable time.

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