Life is full of prank's and patterns (poem)

The desire to hold back
and keep is less
Nothing is greater and hence.

I am hurt inside and i said
"I wish I didn't give all of me"
"I Wish my mind was still made of me"
"I wish it wasn't after me"
then I would have known
what to expect of me.

Right now I am lying low
in the bottom of snow
singing my favorite song
and playing with snow.



But why is it so hard
to forget?
what is really love
that want me all at once?

is like a chain,
difficult to break through.
more power is needed,
because it is never cool.

To cry, you would not see anew.
it is better to keep silence and
pray to the snow.
It is made up of you, then it was you.
listening to sounds could only help it reduces.
But when you arrive there, your fate is determined by the room.

what leads to the establishment of this poems

The unexpected things happens, the people we trust at times lied to us, making our heart beats faster than how it uses to be beating, our world became lonely but they are many people in the world happily related.

Humans at times feels sad, because of the life challenges they also experience each and everyday, some tends to see life like something unfavorable to them.

Yet life is what we feels and put out work for, when you make a mistake and chose a wrong circle to belong, they would make you feels unimportant and that only means they do not value you, but someone out there is praying for you, to have you and to be with you.

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