Emergency Fund's: Why to set aside are importants

Sometimes in our life's, the things we didn't plan for, take place and in this planet earth, money is required to tackle a challenge, for instance, if a person fall sick, it is through this fund's, that would be used in taking care of them. That is, if at any point, this kind of thing take place.

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we work and received our pay, then put some of this funds aside, in case of something that was not planned for happened, we should know where to run to.

I remember when my Mom and Dad, used to debate concerning how much should be paid into the emergency funds account, in case of emergency taken place in the family, all I understand back then was that emergency was a car, driving to a certain destination, when emergency incidents taken place.

I thought my parents wanted to invest in buying this cars that drive around when a sudden incidents taken place.

Although what there were after also has something to do with that, but their focus was mainly on the family, first, in case of any family member should fall sick, hospital bills would be paid through this fund's that were set aside.

In case of fire outbreak in the house, the family would not yearn so much, but will go straight to the account where this funds were kept, take it out and used it to fixed whatsoever machines that got damage.

No one plan for emergency, but having it at the back of our mind, that something like this can take place at times, would helps us so much to put some fund's asides in case, this kinds of incidents taken place.

To built this kind of account, doesn't take much but as little as one could afford to pay into the savings account, would better guarantee so much if we face emergency situation that needs funds to handle.

Our life's should not be plan around wrong things, because those kinds of things do not bring in any happiness but, it would be so much wrong, to make a plan without having it at the back of our minds, that emergency incidents happens sometimes.

The way I see life is that, those things we look at minor, are the ones that can even make us to spent more, if we do not start now to work towards them.

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