Regrets and mistakes; that's the memories we make.

I wish someone would tell me earlier, it's okay to sometimes make mistakes. After all, these are memories you will learn from, will cherish later.

But no one told me... I guess it happens to most of us. Because people fear to make us believe this, they think we will take life easily. But the thing is, as I found, it works differently.

We should take life easily.


But that's all that I believe, not necessarily every other one will think the same.

When I think about relationships, this comes to my mind the most. How we used to fight over a simple thing. Now, we don't have any jealousy or anything about that matter. I got friends with some people who I used to hate in school. But that's all because I came to realize regrets and mistakes; that's the memories we made. Nothing to hold on that.

Just like any love relationship... How different the world will be for us if we don't get over those emotions. Many of us have been through toxic relationships, many are still struggling to find the best fit. Just think, how miserable life would be if we hold everything and never let go of any emotions.


To me, life is all about finding the right way. There's always something about it in our minds. But following that is not easy. When we have to deal with so many other things, we have to compromise with life for thousands of reasons. I believe, if we don't take it as we are creating ' memories ', then we make it difficult for us to proceed.

Yes, I have no shame to approve I have gone through many mistakes. And I have many more regrets. But that's all, nothing I carry anymore. They are my memories, even the toxic one now seems like a bittersweet memory!

So moving on and creating good memories are some best things we can do, nothing to change the past not to cry over them.

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