Homonyms: Time to Say Goodbye

1 million dollars? US dollar or Jamaican Dollar? Please make it those crisp green bills if you are truly giving it to me, otherwise no cookies for you.

Assuming you are giving it to me in cash, the first thing I will do is give a portion of it to you— I am kind-hearted, you know. Let’s say the amount could be 10K dollars. It’s all yours, so, when my moni?

Also, this will seal the deal for me of any future giveaways, eliminating all of you guys' chances to win— muahahaha!

Back to the reality (1 million is not a reality tho).

It’s a big chunk— for me, at least and I must use it wisely. But first, I have to be wise to do things wisely. So, buying a book from Nilkhet titled something similar to How to be Wise in 7 Days is at the top of my bucket list. And now that, I am wise (:v), let’s have some fun, starting with buying some stuff.

A decent house, a 5-storied south-faced building with all the modern amenities at the heart of the city, perhaps. No, this is not for me but for my family— they will live there and the tenants will earn them the money they will need to handle regular expenses. This will spare me from fetching money for them for the rest of my life— what a relief!

That’s for the family, they are living their life in the new house— but, what about me?

Well, it’s complicated.

Now that I don’t have to worry about the well-being of my family members anymore and there’s still a huge amount of money left, time to live my life in my ways— away from the noise of civilisation, in the wilderness.

Search for some serene places on earth, buy at least 10 acres of flat land— the cheapest one, and settle there all alone; yeah, that’s my plan for the time being. Oh, there has to be still some money left after I make the purchase to do some other things that I cherish. A small house with not-so-modern but okay facilities, two bikes— one is sports and another cheap naked bike to do some experiments. And a whole lot of babez— not for my entertainment, I am not an Arab Seikh with secret harems and such— they will work on my property, take care of the sanctuary I will build on my 10 acres. And I will just watch them working, sweating in the heat and then cooling down in the tiny lake I will arrange for them :p There will be tens of thousands of trees, flowers mostly— from shrubs to gigantic ones, there will be a good variety. Also some cacti, I love them.

Every morning and afternoon I will walk through the trees, enjoy the chirping of the birds, and watch wild animals moving freely and foxes digging holes for their shelter. I will feast my eyes on the dazzling beauty of fireflies at night, rain drops on tender leaves, and moisturising grass underneath my barefoot— damn, I can already taste it, when are you going to give me the money, dude?

Also, there will be a dump zone at the centre of my mini jungle where I will leave carcasses of dead animals to lure vultures into my jungle and make them live there— I have a fascination for them, honestly.

There will still be some money left, it has to— I will buy a considerable chunk of #Hive with that so I can curate posts to get some decent HP in return while I am posting more about life & nature regularly. If I run short of money, I will call my family and ask for some, I believe they will be generous enough to fetch me the money I need, from time to time. If I don't get the money I need, I will start selling my worker babezz and lastly, my property; one at a time.

Yeah, life doesn’t have to be stressful— I will make sure of it.

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