The Best Way To Move Forward In Life Is To Stop Pulling People's Down In Your Actions

Most people find a way to to pull there friends and relative down because of their achievement but I get worried most of the time, I later find out that some peoples greatest gift is hating others because of a simple misunderstanding between them but they forget that is an height of misplaced of priority which is very difficult but instead of nursing ill feeling toward others, just leave them and concentrate on your next plans and commit them unto the creator because there is no gain in taking them down for any reasons.

Some individuals believe that pulling people down can make life better for them but they forgot that people who derive pleasure in pulling others down have one thing in common simply means they don't grow beyond a static point because no pleasure or enjoyment you will derived in pulling people down no matter how there behavior to you. The best way to deal with such things is to create your own life and let them realize it and come for forgiveness.

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However, everyone needs to understand that, no matter how clear your internal and external eyes are clean to you, when it comes to pulling people down believes me, you can not see through the mind of evil doers who is ready to retaliate for what you do for them, so you need to go with your gut feeling and support everyone with the little you have but if you don't have any assistance to render then don't add to their burden because it may come back to hurt you at the end of everything, take everything simple and exercise patience in what you do.

Before I drop my pen for today, quiet alright, some peoples are only cater for themselves without thinking of lifting others who are below there caliber and this element triggered people to find a way in pulling them down but you don't to do that, just leave them to your creator because he's the master of things but remember this, majority of them at the end will appear on the surface as men with pure heart but they are like the proverbial bed with beautiful cover but deep inside are dirty particles in the years after. Thank you so much everyone for your time, I will see you soon with another beautiful topic. Stay blessed.

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