Our Attitude Towards Money And Material Things


Most times people find it difficult to find a way to survive, they are helpless just because they lack breakthrough, they have being restricted for some reason, although people only depending on the person they see that as money, money answer most things to them but they forget their integrity, passion, focused and personal life that are far better than financial freedom. Don't allow material things to let you lost your life and your family who are looking forward to make them happy, just have self esteem and believe in what you can do with the little you have.

Money is only material things and it can not give us the entire happiness, the love for money is the root of all evil in this world and if care is not taking, we may lose something that is very important to us has a result of pursuing what we can not achieve in many years to come. If you value money more than your life, you may end up losing your life, but the best things for you is to have a necessity and go with the flow of life, if you are destiny to have more money, surely you will definitely have it without any stress or difficulties during the process.

However, in the society today, young men are more afraid of ladies that are too expensive to maintain, because most ladies value money more than their relationship, that is why most marriage got broken within a short period of time, when a woman values material things to relationship, they can go to the extreme lengths just to end up the relationship with the partner . Don't let us allow money to let us lose the value of relationship, love is the best in marriage, where their is love, surely their is hope, blessing, happiness and kindness.

Before I drop my pen for today, for any relationship to last longer, the first thing for husband and wife is to create love, hope and happiness rather than using material things has a foundation for their love, as a sister, you need to understand that the high level of demanding from your partner can scare them away from you, be moderate in all your approach when it comes to money, be self dependent, don't display an expensive life when you are still single, that is the best for you. Thank you so much everyone, I will see you tomorrow with another interesting topic.

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