So for the past 2-3 days, I have been struggling to stay motivated. That may not reflect in my on-chain activities and that's because I have formed proper habits that would influence my lifestyle in the long term.

So I have a routine of writing every day. I also try to invest as little as $1 of my earnings into something meaningful. It might seem insignificant in the short-run (and extremely difficult) but in 5 years that would impact my life significantly.

Writing for 5years means I would have honed my skill. I am certainly not the writer I was years ago. I have learnt new techniques and improved my writing skill which has enabled me to earn a living for the past 2-3 years.

Also, investing a dollar per day (or more) would translate into something significant in 5 years. I could be 31 in five years. It might seem insignificant but it is a lot more than I would have if I did not and waited for a big break that would never come.

The point is: simple and boring steps towards financial freedom are more important than making giant leaps to nowhere. We often wait for big breaks and neglect the little things that matter.

In other to stay grounded and consistent we need to take little boring steps towards our goal. Why? Because it takes the burden and anxiety of making big decisions every day.

If I had to invest a dollar every day to be financially free in 10 years then it takes away the financial insecurity. I could live a more fulfilled life knowing that my actions every day are preparing me for the future I want.

Even on occasions when there are life-altering events, people can still stick to their routines and have some sense of control because the effort required to achieve this is almost insignificant.

This doesn’t apply only to money but everything in life. If you work out for 30mins every day you would be in a better physical state in 2-3years; if you write every day you would be a better writer in a few years. These are seemingly insignificant things that can change our lives for the better.

When you have certain areas of your life figured out it gives you room to be more experimental with other things which can add value to your life. One of the perks of being free is the ability to explore with little or no negative consequences.

Think about the big companies today. They have the luxury of experimenting with new ideas without having to risk their businesses or reputation. This is one of the benefits of having your affairs sorted out.

You might not be where you want to be but if you are guaranteed by your actions that align with your long-term plans, you can be in the position to take practical risks that will, in turn, yield good results and possibly propel you into the future you deserve.

So in a nutshell, develop a routine. It takes about a month to form a habit. Develop one that would have a long-term impact on your life.

If you found this information useful please like and share. Also, I would like to get meaningful feedback from you on how you are taking little steps towards your goals. Thank you.