They say a cup that is filled cannot contain more water. Any attempt to add more water leads to wastage. The only way to receive in this context is to be emptied.

Many interpret this ancient Chinese analogue differently. For me, the lesson here is not to be a hoarder, and I know that goes against almost everything we are taught in the crypto sphere but I will explain shortly.

Yesterday someone asked me why I was hosting contests? (By the way, I am supporting hive-naija's weekly prompt with 60 pob this week. If you are from Nigeria, kindly check this post) there are a lot of things I could do with that token, so why give it out?

I was irritated by the question and didn't give an appropriate response, so this is my attempt to correct that wrong.

I think that every act of kindness; every action geared towards improving other people's life or experiences is a seed and we often reap positively from helping other people.

Asides from the benefit of giving, the thought and feelings that come with being benevolent are soul-satisfying. It takes away the burden of living in your chaotic world.

Sometimes I get a little sad when I consider all the money I would have saved but spent. Then I remember that I have two siblings who are about to get into college and that would have not been possible if I was hoarding all the money I was making.

It has been a huge sacrifice but I will certainly do it again because my life has impacted other people's lives and that is the marking of living a life that truly matters.

Every day I am working towards moving away from my selfish needs and looking out into the world and seeing how I can make other people's lives better as well. I still have my struggles but I am willing to lend a helping hand when I can.

Sometimes you have to let go of the old to accommodate the new. I have been to a hoarder's house and it is often not pleasant. They have a lot of stuff they don't need to keep which becomes toxic and harmful to them.

A hoarder can make their life better by letting go of the things they don't need. This way they have space for even the old and new (even new things can be unnecessary).

I am always taking stock of my life, removing things that I deem unnecessary or can be easily replaced. It is not always ideal I will admit, but it pays to work, feel and live light.

I want all of us to consider ways in which we can help other people this week. Put a smile on someone's face. Maybe the universe will decorate your kind gesture. Cheers!

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